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Dr. Ginsberg Discusses Childhood Concussions: What to Look For and What to Do as a Parent

Concussions arise from an injury to the tissues or blood vessels in the brain. These can occur when the soft tissues are pressed against the bone of the skull, resulting Read More

Geneva Chiropractor Explains How The Perfect Office Chair Makes All the Difference

For the majority of us who work in office and at desk jobs, we spend a great deal of time sitting down. While sitting for most of the day seems Read More

Fibromyalgia Suffers Choose Chiropractic over Traditional Medicine for Relief of Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is a condition with no known medical cure. It is characterized by chronic and debilitating pain all over the body, and heightened pain under pressure.  Its symptoms can cause Read More

Geneva Chiropractor Explains Choosing the Right Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Pad

Computer work has become the backbone of most of our daily lives. But with its rise in the workplace, there has been a concurrent increase in injuries associated with repetitive Read More

How Much Do You Really Know about Vitamin C?

Perhaps the most well-known vitamin, and one that is frequently cited as vital to good health, but what is Vitamin C exactly? Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid is a key Read More

Dr. Ginsberg Explains What Training Chiropractors Go Through to Become Doctors of Chiropractic.

Becoming a chiropractor is no easy feat. The training to become a practicing chiropractor is akin to traditional medical doctors and involves years of academic training and hours of patient Read More

Can Chiropractic Improve Golf Performance?

PGA golfers Tiger Woods and Padraig Harrington have used chiropractic services for years in order to improve and maintain their golfing performance.  Their successes suggest a benefit of chiropractic care, Read More

Geneva Chiropractor Discusses How to Get Through Spring Cleaning Safely!

Spring is finally here, and that means it's time to tackle that spring cleaning and tend to your garden! 🌼 While these tasks can be satisfying, they can also lead Read More

Geneva Chiropractor Explains Chiropractic Care for Allergies

When most of us sneeze, we put it down to a cold or even allergies, and our first thoughts are to pop an antihistamine pill – not to call a Read More

Dr. Ginsberg Discusses Chiropractic Care for Runners and Running Performance

With more and more people taking up recreational running in the US, the number of running associated injuries have also increased. Commonly reported cases include: shin splints; patellofermoral pain syndromes; Read More

Chiropractic Care for Migraines

Migraine sufferers have to endure a pain that is recurring, severe and can last up to 72 hours. Warning signs such as an “aura”, which is a type of visual Read More

What the Average Consumer Needs to Know About Artificial Sweeteners

In light of the obesity epidemic of recent decades, it is clear our sugar intake has increased drastically, including our intake of artificial sweeteners. There are many who believe that Read More

Dr. Ginsberg Explains the Gonstead Technique?

With numerous chiropractic techniques available, choosing the treatment right for you can be a tough decision. If you’re not an expert, the various techniques can seem confusing, and may complicate Read More

How to Avoid Injuring Your Back During Spring Yard Work

With summer at an end, the leaves are turning brown and falling, cluttering up your yard and garden – so it’s only natural you’ll want to get the rake out. Read More

Can Chiropractors Help With Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), named from the carpal bones in the wrist that form a tunnel around the nerve leading to the hand, is an injury usually caused by repetitive Read More

Geneva Chiropractor Discusses How to Treat Whiplash with Chiropractic Care

The answer to this question is not a simple one as many people tend to associate any type of neck pain with having whiplash.  The first thing is to find Read More

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