Sports Injury

Suffering from a sports injury or looking to improve your game? A sports chiropractor like Dr. David Ginsberg or Dr. Jonathan Bullock at Spine Pain & Performance Center Geneva, IL, can help.

Quick Guide to Sports Chiropractic 

Of the many specialists that treat athletes, you might wonder why you should choose a chiropractor. In this guide, Dr. Ginsberg and Dr. Bullock at Spine Pain & Performance Center in Geneva, IL, answer that question and more.

Why a Sports Chiropractor?

  • They focus on natural injury recovery and pain relief methods.
  • They also focus on helping you prevent injuries in the future.
  • They can help improve range of motion, making it much easier to enjoy your favorite sport.
  • They work to relieve your current symptoms but are also committed to helping you achieve optimal performance.

Treatments Used in Sports Chiropractic Care

The following are just a few sports chiropractic techniques. However, your treatment plan will be customized to your needs.


If there is a misalignment anywhere in your skeletal system, it can impact your range of motion, cause pain, lead to herniated discs and nerve compression, and more. Adjustments restore proper alignment, allowing everything to function as it should.

Trigger Point Therapy

Your muscles and the fascia – the connective tissue over your muscles and organs – often develop knots. Typically, this occurs due to overuse or an untreated injury. These knots can cause severe pain and limit your range of motion. Trigger point therapy is a technique utilized to release these knots.

Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Exercises

From posture issues to injuries, therapeutic and rehab exercises can help. These are targeted stretching and strengthening movements that restore range of motion, improve spinal health and wellness, correct postural problems, relieve pain, stimulate healing, and much more.

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation therapy sends small electrical currents to the muscles, causing them to contract and relax. This helps release muscle spasms and improve blood flow to the injured site.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

When you’ve sustained a soft tissue injury, the damage often lies in the deep layers. And unfortunately, these layers can be difficult to reach. Therapeutic ultrasound is a technique that utilizes sound waves to penetrate deep layers of tissue, breaking up tension and scar tissue while stimulating tissue repair.

Nutritional Guidance

As an athlete, you likely know how important it is for you to eat a healthy diet. However, not everyone needs the same types and amounts of nutrients. Your sports chiropractor can help determine what the healthiest diet for you is.

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