Gonstead Method

Gonstead chiropractors are chiropractic specialists who apply the Gonstead method when assessing and treating patients. Our own Dr. David Ginsberg is a Gonstead chiropractor who founded Ginsberg Chiropractic in Geneva, IL, back in 1994.

Who Was Dr. Gonstead?

Dr. Clarence Gonstead built the Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic in 1964 in an effort to cope with the ever-increasing demand for his chiropractic services. It was the biggest chiropractic facility in the world at the time and included 11 adjusting rooms, a lab, and a lower level where he could host chiropractic seminars.

In 1974, Dr. Gonstead sold the Gonstead Clinic and Seminar of Chiropractic to two of his faithful staff doctors, namely Drs. Alex Cox and Dough Cox. Today, the Cox brothers still teach the Gonstead method of chiropractic, which is now recognized as one of the best methods in the world for chiropractic diagnosis and adjustment.

What Is the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic?

The nervous system travels down the spinal cord, carrying messages from the brain to all parts of the body. Sometimes, misalignments in your spinal backbone can interrupt the nerve signal. This results in pain and loss of function in the affected muscles or organs where the nerve signal was heading.

The Gonstead method involves locating the misalignments in the spinal column and manually adjusting the segments. Each adjustment is made according to a precise methodology, which means no random manipulations take place. A Gonstead practitioner performs adjustments with quick and focused pressure by hand.

Why You Should Opt for a Gonstead Chiropractor

Working as a chiropractor in the U.S. involves eight years of college education, followed by a national and state board licensing process. Gonstead practitioners undergo further education. To achieve "diplomat" status within the Gonstead system, a chiropractor needs to show a minimum of 200 hours of classroom and practical study and they also need to pass evaluation tests.

When you receive treatment from a Gonstead practitioner, you’re in the hands of a chiropractic specialist who applies the original principles of chiropractic care and a precise method of spinal assessment and adjustment.

What To Expect During a Gonstead Chiropractic Consultation

When you visit a Gonstead chiropractic practitioner like Dr. Ginsberg, you can expect a thorough evaluation process that includes visual and X-ray analysis, instrumentation, and palpation. After the assessment is done, the Gonstead chiropractor will perform the necessary adjustments by hand.

You can benefit from Gonstead chiropractic treatment if you suffer from neck or back pain, sciatica, migraines, headaches, thyroid disorders, and many other health issues. If you’re looking for a Gonstead chiropractor in Geneva, IL, make an appointment at Ginsberg Chiropractic by calling 630-232-6400.


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